All of our cats are tested for: HCM and PKD at the Madrid's Veterinary Faculty and FeLV and FIV tested (view)

We are Julia and Ángel and we live in a small town of Asturias in the north of Spain.
We are dedicated to the English Setter's breed arround two decades and we have a numerous champions of this fantastic hunt dogs.

Arround us there has been always the presence of some cats because is a pet that attracted us by his look and his temper. Years ago, a Maine Coon's male entered in our lives, gift of Ángel by my birthday, because he knew that this race fascinated me by its exuberance and wild look.

Today we share our lifes with several Maine Coons that have been able to seduce us by their look, by their magnificience, calm, intelligence and captivating temper. Without a doubt, tremendously charming friends who already share our lifes like one more in the family.

Sporadically we breed some litter of kittens where we want to find those qualities we admired in its ancestors: beauty, highly social temper and good health. With this objetives in mind we had no doubts to find reproducers of great prestige, healthy with high genetic potential.

Without a doubt, the Maine Coon, “the American giant”, is a cat that overwhelms the expectations of every cat lover.

We want to thanks to all the breeders who trusted in us to begin our breed program and who allow us to share our lives with these “astonishing cats”.

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